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gridcoin (GRC) Historical Data | Current GRC Price Charts, Live History

Dynamic and history value of price GRC. Maximal value of price gridcoin was , Minimal price of GRC was . Today price of gridcoin is :

About gridcoin

Gridcoin is a blockchain-based distributed computer network driven by the potential for idle processing of existing hardware. Access to this network is free for those with data to be processed, while network participants are incentivized with cryptocurrencies coined by the Gridcoin protocol. Overview Gridcoin is an open source blockchain that extracts and distributes cryptocurrencies in relation to the processing power that a network participant directs towards data-based analysis and scientific discovery. Currently, the Gridcoin blockchain is protected through a participation test protocol and monitors the processing contributions to the distributed IT infrastructure, BOINC.1 BOINC, Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing, hosts important IT projects Institutions such as IBM’s World Community Grid , 2 SETI, 3 and data from the Large Hadron Collider, 4 together with projects developed by students, enthusiasts, mathematicians, researchers and citizen scientists.