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Graphic of Zeusshield coin price. Dynamics of costs ZSC online, history of values

Dynamic and history value of price ZSC. Maximal value of price Zeusshield was 0.0003325$ - 2021-01-19 16:00:21, Minimal price of ZSC was 0.00006569$ value and fixed at 2020-10-26 18:00:13. Today price of Zeusshield is : 0$

Zeusshield is an intelligent insurance management system based on the Ethereum platform, referred to as the Aegis System. There are four main components of the Aegis system. They are Zeus Shield Coin (ZSC) based on the ERC20 protocol of Ethereum, database management subsystem, module management subsystem, and Aegis customers based on web pages and smartphones. end. , It will use the Ethereum blockchain to provide insurance services to have a different business model than the traditional model used by insurance companies. It also builds a new type of insurance ecosystem with the help of precision marketing and intelligent claims brought by the continuous development of AI technology. Aegis Token ZSC is a token developed based on the Ethereum ERC20 protocol, which can make it easy for ZSC tokens to be listed on important global digital currency trading platforms. ZSC tokens are used to construct insurance fund pools and reinsurance fund pools to improve the circulation of funds in insurance contracts and provide this service to insurance companies in need. As the project progresses, the insurance ecosystem will gradually improve, and the role of ZSC as the system’s native token will also become more and more abundant. Database management subsystem: In order to improve the efficiency of processing data based on the Aegis system, all text information is mainly stored on the Ethereum platform. The image and video files are encrypted and stored securely on a server independent of the Ethereum platform. The database on the Ethereum platform includes four major categories, which are the insured unit database, the insurance unit database, the insurance contract database, and the custom insurance business database. Since the bottom layer of the Ethereum platform is based on a distributed blockchain, the confidentiality, security, and immutability of related data information in the four major types of databases can be well guaranteed.