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Graphic of WaykiChain coin price. Dynamics of costs WICC online, history of values

Dynamic and history value of price WICC. Maximal value of price WaykiChain was 0.3231$ - 2021-01-21 02:00:11, Minimal price of WICC was 0.1507$ value and fixed at 2020-10-23 20:00:20. Today price of WaykiChain is : 0$

Smart contract Wikichain is a complete smart contract platform that supports Turing. WikiChain uses the dpos consensus mechanism, and a total of 11 voting nodes are set up to generate a new block every 10 seconds. Through smart contract Wikichain, rich application scenarios such as asset issuance, quiz application, copyright traceability, mutual insurance, decentralized exchange, and cross-border settlement can be realized. 2. Voting mechanism Wikichain uses the dpos consensus mechanism. There are a total of 11 bookkeeping nodes. When each block is generated, the 11 nodes that received the most votes at that time will choose a bookkeeping node based on a random perturbation algorithm. The bookkeeping node gets all the fees for transactions in its bookkeeping block. Users lock the Wikicoin they hold, and they have corresponding votes, and each vote can cast up to 11 candidates. Users lock the Wikicoin they hold and get the corresponding interest income. When the number of votes of the user’s corresponding account changes, its interest will be automatically credited. In the first year of the system design, the annual rate of return is 5%, which decreases by 1% year by year, and finally is constant at an annual rate of 1%. 3.Wikichain application The wikichain decentralized quiz application is the first smart contract application launched by the wikichain team. Each quiz is triggered by the application initiator through smart contract transactions. Within the time stipulated in the contract, users can initiate betting contract transactions, and all quiz bets will be recorded on the blockchain browser and can never be tampered with. All participating Wikicoins will be frozen in smart contracts. When a certain quiz is over, the quiz initiator will announce the final quiz result through contract transactions, and this result will be taken from the official authority result. The smart contract will automatically distribute rewards to the correct user based on the final result.