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Graphic of Walton coin price. Dynamics of costs WTC online, history of values

Dynamic and history value of price WTC. Maximal value of price Walton was 0.4253$ - 2020-11-26 02:00:14, Minimal price of WTC was 0.2359$ value and fixed at 2020-10-29 04:00:17. Today price of Walton is : 0$

Waltonchain (Waltonchain) Waltonchain uniquely combines blockchain technology with RFID technology, and is committed to advancing the blockchain technology from the Internet to the Internet of Things to realize the concept of value Internet of Things. The purpose of the Waltonchain is to build a low-level commercial ecological public chain. On this chain, merchants can establish various sub-chains according to their own needs. The main characteristics of this business ecological chain are that all data (including property right ownership data, product circulation data, etc.) are authentic and reliable, cannot be tampered with, and have a timestamp. In this way, an honest and authentic business ecosystem can be established. The team intends to use the self-developed reader chip and tag chip to achieve the purpose of automatically and quickly all the data in the offline physical commodity circulation process. Avoid human interference and minimize the possibility of data tampering. In this way, there is a way to trace and monitor the circulation status of each commodity. Description of token WTC In the Waltonchain ecosystem, the core parent chain is called Waltonchain, and the token used for circulation and payment is called Waltoncoin (hereinafter referred to as WTC). In the entire Waltonchain project system, WTC plays a key core role . 1. The significance of Waltoncoin’s existence  First, by rewarding WTC, encouraging node bookkeeping to support the reliable operation of various functions of the parent chain network;  When creating sub-chains for various industry applications, it is necessary to consume WTC and save a portion of WTC to provide credit guarantee;  Reward mechanism for sub-chain application data contributors can be realized through our core technology;  The value data of various commercial applications of Walton Link China Unicom, and the payment system of upper-layer applications built on these value data can be based on WTC.  In summary, with the development of the number and scale of sub-chains in various industries, the demand for WTC applications will continue to increase and promote appreciation. 2. Waltoncoin’s technological innovation  Waltonchain first introduced the concept of the Value Internet of Things, combining blockchain technology with RFID technology, utilizing the characteristics of blockchain decentralization and immutability, and combining RFID systems to solve the problem of product traceability.  Waltonchain uses a unique dual-chain architecture design, and proposes the latest cross-chain connection and confirmation mechanism. Effectively solve the problems of data exchange between the child chain and the parent chain, and the transfer of rights and interests.  A hybrid consensus mechanism based on a combination of PoS + PoW is used.