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Graphic of Universa coin price. Dynamics of costs UTNP online, history of values

Dynamic and history value of price UTNP. Maximal value of price Universa was 0.002489$ - 2020-11-26 04:00:10, Minimal price of UTNP was 0.0006988$ value and fixed at 2020-12-24 20:00:11. Today price of Universa is : 0$

The Universa platform is a new generation of blockchain technology. This project uses contracts to execute machines and decentralized state ledgers, with a focus on tokenization and contractual agreements to improve Bitcoin and Ethereum technology by improving the necessary conditions. Traditional blockchains are mainly about currency transactions, and Universa’s support tokens can represent passports, boarding passes, bus tickets or taxi fares; they can be used as gift cards, coupons or gym membership cards. You can make a token representing property rights, or just the key to the house. Traditional blockchains record all transactions and their impact on the network on completely unreliable ledgers («big protocols, small logic»), and Universa verifies by maintaining the output of all actions («small protocols, big logic») The chart improves speed and usability. In other words, instead of the block becoming a complete ledger, each set of changes from the customer is applied from a previous stage on a separate contract chain («c-chain»). The result is vectorized and hashed. Only the state of each sidechain of the signature to update the new blockchain will discard the old state for storage of the new one. However, each chain keeps its own history, and any node with a copy of the transaction can try to replay them and verify whether the results are the same, thereby ensuring validity and fairness in a trusted environment. Unlike traditional commercial blockchain technology, Universa does not rely on untrusted public actors. Universa system nodes are owned and operated by our partners, who must be authorized by Universa. They are trusted, trained, and audited, and they provide guarantees of availability, speed, and security. This is different from the wasteful mining of global Gigawatts of electricity that is unnecessarily consumed every hour for income. All nodes of Universa are obtained through transaction fees. They also participate in the verification and execution of the contract. The only «work» on the Universa cloud computing machine is mission-critical data processing and contract execution. This does not require expensive GPU hardware. Sensitive business data is stored unknowingly and quickly, and its strictly accepted certification organizations (ISO 27001, 27001) are securely encrypted and supervised. This technology enables businesses to believe in more sensitive or private business process blockchains.