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Graphic of Time New Bank coin price. Dynamics of costs TNB online, history of values

Dynamic and history value of price TNB. Maximal value of price Time New Bank was 0.003325$ - 2021-01-19 02:00:11, Minimal price of TNB was 0.001585$ value and fixed at 2020-11-06 17:00:12. Today price of Time New Bank is : 0$

About M.I.T M.I.T is an accurate time value transmission network. Individuals and organizations with special skills and services use blockchain technology and digital identities to tokenize time assets, use smart contracts to automatically manage time digital assets, and use TNB as the time commodity value to pass the only designated settlement token to create a decentralized Time, value transfer network with globalization, cross-international gains, flexible transactions, transparent prices, and well-protected rights and interests. M.I.T connects a large number of high-value time exporters, mature time asset managers, time investors, and a large end user group. It integrates industry freedom, transfers credit and value, and promotes the development and evolution of the industry. The MIT platform consists of the underlying memory block chain account book, the MIT merchandise display platform (portal entry), the MIT time commodity distribution platform (primary market), the MIT time commodity exchange (secondary market), the MIT time asset exchange (tertiary market), APP, DAPP, enterprise service middleware, SDK, API, etc., using TNB as a platform ecological internal value transfer tool. M.I.T six characteristics: The world’s first personal IPO platform Anyone, as long as their personal service capabilities are recognized and have a certain value, can generate personal tokens through the constraints of smart contracts on the MIT platform and conduct the first personal IPO in life. After the successful IPO, in order to improve personal capabilities and The influence laid the foundation. Tokenization of time and skills Quantify the special skills of each person with time to form a time product, and then tokenize the time product with a scientific algorithm. No matter what country the person is from, as long as he holds a personal token, he can exchange for the corresponding service. With the retirement of time, personal development is getting better and better, and the value of its time products also increases. Decentralized time value measurement reflects M.I.T uses the time value commodity trading platform (secondary market) to generate transparent market behavior using blockchain technology, making it easy for time demanders and investors to obtain product information and transactions, and realize the value of time commodities.