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Graphic of THEKEY coin price. Dynamics of costs TKY online, history of values

Dynamic and history value of price TKY. Maximal value of price THEKEY was 0.0004603$ - 2020-12-19 11:00:12, Minimal price of TKY was 0.0001542$ value and fixed at 2021-01-11 16:00:12. Today price of THEKEY is : 0$

«Non-repudiation» and «immutable» are the core and essence of blockchain technology, so the corresponding identification technology must also have «non-repudiation» and «immutable» characteristics. Otherwise, it is impossible to build a trusting relationship in the Internet world. The current online real-name system, (veid) mobile real-name system, and various biological authentication technologies have failed to solve the above-mentioned pain points of Internet identification. Against this background, thekey project team will develop and develop bdmi technology based on the world’s leading qtum, and use qtum’s lightweight terminal smart contracts to provide identification services with «non-repudiation» and «non-tamperable» characteristics on the Internet. Solve network virtualization issues. bdmi (blockchain based dynamic multi-dimension identification) is a dynamic multi-dimensional identification technology based on blockchain. bdmi identity recognition is the result of cross-validation of users’ real-time identity data, behavior data, and scene data. In order to promote the application of bdmi technology, thekey project team will also establish an ecosystem consisting of participants (individual users, service providers, identity verification parties), smart contracts and tky points. On the one hand, smart contracts are used to protect user privacy and comply with corresponding laws and regulations to establish a good data governance environment. The establishment and maintenance of thekey ecosystem will provide a reliable support for an authoritative, safe, efficient and low-cost identification service, and for the rapid, healthy and sustainable development of bdmi technology.