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Graphic of Storj coin price. Dynamics of costs STORJ online, history of values

Dynamic and history value of price STORJ. Maximal value of price Storj was 0.462$ - 2021-01-10 09:00:11, Minimal price of STORJ was 0.2612$ value and fixed at 2020-11-04 15:00:13. Today price of Storj is : 0$

Storj is a cloud storage platform that does not stop. Storj’s platform allows users to store data in a secure and decentralized manner through encryption and a series of decentralized applications. It uses block transaction functions such as transaction ledger, public / private key encryption, and cryptographic hash functions for security. In addition, it will be cheaper (10x to 100x), faster and more secure than traditional cloud storage services. Storj is working to solve data security issues with the help of its own web application, MetaDisk and client application DriveShare. It is a decentralized, end-to-end encrypted cloud storage that uses blockchain technology and encryption technology to protect online files. You don’t need to trust a company, or a vulnerable server, or someone else who has your information. Storj’s peer-to-peer cloud storage network with client-side encryption will allow users to transfer and share data without relying on third-party storage providers. The absence of central control will reduce most traditional data failures and interruptions and greatly increase security, privacy and data control. Peer-to-peer networks are often not feasible for production storage systems because data availability is a welcome feature, not a utility. We propose a solution in the form of a challenge response verification system and direct debit. In this way, we can regularly check the integrity of the data and provide rewards to the peers who maintain the data. We further propose a model that addresses access and performance issues with a set of independent or federated nodes. Storj is a protocol used to create a distributed network for forming and executing storage contracts between peers. The Storj protocol allows peers on the network to negotiate contracts, transfer data, verify the integrity and availability of remote data, retrieve data, and pay other nodes. Each peer is an autonomous agent capable of performing these actions without significant human interaction. Storjcoin X (SJCX) is the token «fuel» of the Storj network, which allows users to rent and purchase storage space through the DriveSahre app and MetaDisk.