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Graphic of Status coin price. Dynamics of costs SNT online, history of values

Dynamic and history value of price SNT. Maximal value of price Status was 0.08168$ - 2021-01-07 02:00:13, Minimal price of SNT was 0.0188$ value and fixed at 2020-11-03 07:00:16. Today price of Status is : 0$

SNT is based on the Ethereum client application (Status), a built-in wallet for Status, a messaging application for instant messaging, and a DApp browser that enables people using the Ethereum decentralized protocol to send encrypted information and intelligence to each other. Contracts and digital currencies. SNT is a modular and practical token, including a decentralized push notification market, management of the Status client, generalization of community content, and social communication tools such as Tribute to Talk. At the same time, a «teller network» of fiat currency exchange for cryptocurrency, a decentralized application catalog, and a sticker market were also proposed. (1) Decentralized push notification market: Users need to use SNT tokens to select and receive push notifications. (2) Management: The core part of SNT is to allow users to choose the direction of software development. Tokens are used for advising decisions, and any user can make suggestions. The number of tokens you hold determines your right to vote for each decision, and it will not affect the network shares in your hands. (3) Tribute To Talk: Pay the SNT deposit. Upon receiving the reply from the recipient, the deposit is transferred from the user to the recipient. (4) Community management and attention beacon: Joining this management mechanism requires holding SNT.