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Graphic of SmartCash coin price. Dynamics of costs SMART online, history of values

Dynamic and history value of price SMART. Maximal value of price SmartCash was 0.00492$ - 2021-01-17 02:00:06, Minimal price of SMART was 0.00262$ value and fixed at 2020-11-03 19:00:10. Today price of SmartCash is : 0$

Composition of SMARTCASH When we design SmartCash, we pay attention to its adaptability, replaceability, and return on investment. About «Witty Hive» Would you like to participate in the «Witty Hive» program? «Witty Hive» is a platform for anyone with any background. Everyone join We do not advocate the use of core teams, as this ultimately reduces efficiency and leads to corruption. We have to abandon old ideas and refer to the organization model of ants and bees nesting. In order to create and maintain a decentralized management structure, we have developed two conceptual plans, the «Witty Hive» and the «Hive» Construction Team (HST). «Witty Hive» allows anyone with coins to vote on proposals submitted by the community. «Wisdom Hive» will become the lifeblood of the project, allowing anyone to participate and submit proposals, promote the natural growth of the grassroots, and create a bottom-up management structure. «Hive» Construction Team The Hive Construction Team (HST) is the foundation of the project and the framework for its future development. Initially, the Honeycomb Structures Group will be responsible for three different departments: development, promotion, and support for key projects. All three departments employ staff. As teams grow in size and have more than eight members, more teams are created. Each team has its own budget and team coordinator and operates autonomously without central command and control. The «Honeycomb» construction team consists of people directly involved in the project, and the «Smart Hive» ‘s main job is to recruit members of the community and others who are interested in developing SmartCash into a universal currency worldwide. Voting mechanism All Smartcash users have the right to vote after joining. Therefore, Smartcash leads the way in crypto management and uses «witty hive» as a platform to allow users to vote on the direction of the project. We will post more information about this platform. Simply put, one SmartCash coin is equal to one vote. Instant payment Instant payment makes it quick and easy no matter what you buy with SmartCash. Instant payments will become increasingly important for instant point of sale and online shopping. Cryptocurrencies should come in handy when they meet different needs in daily life. The instant payment feature does this, ensuring that transactions are instant, even faster than using Visa or Mastercard. Whether you want to buy coffee at your favorite coffee shop, fill a gas tank at the nearest gas station, buy a bus ticket, or pay to download a video, instant payments make it easy for you. Due to technical and network constraints, bitcoin is currently unable to make instant payments, but instead delays transactions and incurs high fees. The instant payment feature is expected to be launched at the end of 2018.