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Graphic of SingularityNET coin price. Dynamics of costs AGI online, history of values

Dynamic and history value of price AGI. Maximal value of price SingularityNET was 0.08787$ - 2021-01-07 04:00:16, Minimal price of AGI was 0.03484$ value and fixed at 2020-10-25 13:00:09. Today price of SingularityNET is : 0$

SingularityNET (Singularity Network) is a decentralized platform for AI (Artificial Intelligence). This platform provides a series of services based on blockchain AI for institutions or individuals who have no conditions to independently develop artificial intelligence, covering marketing, advertising , Games, VR, personal assistants, driverless and many other industries that require artificial intelligence to participate. In short, SingularityNET (Singularity Network) is an application store about artificial intelligence. SingularityNET (Singularity Network) aims to become the key protocol of Networks AI and the realization of machine learning tools, forming a coordinated artificial general intelligence, to achieve a variety of from image recognition to natural language processing AI algorithms, real-time and flexible interaction, continuous learning and repair, and finally become the AI ​​blockchain that perfectly serves human industries. SingularityNET’s tokens (AGI) are used to implement four key mechanisms on its open decentralized platform: transactions, settlement, incentives and governance, that is, developers or application users develop, test, and release on the platform Use AGI tokens for payment or rewards in your own AI applications and scenario simulations, and for individual users or institutional users to call industry-class AI codes or Dapps published on SingularityNET (Singularity Network), you need to pay with AGI tokens. At present, SingularityNET has made important progress in key areas such as face recognition, language recognition, emotion perception, language learning, and logic application processing. At present, SingularityNET (Singularity Network) has landed experimental results. It is the world’s first artificial intelligence robot Sofia to acquire Dubai nationality. The market predicts that the artificial intelligence market will reach 3.1 trillion US dollars in 2025. Singularitynet (Singularity Network) will Will occupy a third of the market. SingularityNET test network will be available at the end of August 2018 SingularityNET has collaborated with: SGInnovate Sign MOU, NR Capital, Ocean Protocol, Nexus, FundRequest, Hacken, BitSpace, Deep Brain Chain. In the future, more cooperation agencies in various fields will join SingularityNET.