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Graphic of Shift coin price. Dynamics of costs SHIFT online, history of values

Dynamic and history value of price SHIFT. Maximal value of price Shift was 0.537$ - 2020-11-06 01:00:13, Minimal price of SHIFT was 0.18$ value and fixed at 2020-11-10 02:00:15. Today price of Shift is : 0$

Shift is a new decentralized, general-purpose web 3.0 website. Shift uses a Proof-of-Stake type blockchain based on an interstellar file storage system. The website has fast transaction speed and has started to launch decentralized applications. Shift proposes a solution to the censorship problem and explains how to solve this problem through a combination of these new technologies. Information review and suppression have been a common problem in human society. The advent of blockchain and other distributed technologies has set off a technological revolution that can ensure that any content will not be easily censored. The combination of storage layer and presentation layer technologies makes it possible for end users and operators to retain data without censorship. Phantom is a unified technology suite that serves as a platform for hosting content in distributed systems. To address network centralization and censorship, a system or software layer that can remove or reduce single points of failure must be in place. There are various failed nodes on the network-server hosts, DNS (Domain Name Service) providers, and WAN (Wide Area Network) connectivity to the Internet. Unfortunately, addressing WAN connectivity is beyond the scope of this document, but server hosting and DNS issues can be alleviated by using a software suite called Phantom developed by Shift. Phantom is a layered application that provides a technology stack for building distributed applications. Phantom provides solutions for many website review sources. As the name suggests, services hosted on Phantom can disappear from one host, but still be accessible from another host on the network. Phantom creates the storage layer of the Shift network by perfecting the IPFS backbone. End users can submit files for long-term storage using a blockchain-based space rental system. Website operators can use Hydra to render resources so that the Shift storage cluster serves their entire website, and use Jenga to keep content active. If content is reviewed, Jenga dynamically updates the discovered resources. This technology suite creates a seamless end-user experience that is not easily censored.