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Graphic of SelfKey coin price. Dynamics of costs KEY online, history of values

Dynamic and history value of price KEY. Maximal value of price SelfKey was 0.003149$ - 2020-11-21 09:00:08, Minimal price of KEY was 0.001885$ value and fixed at 2020-12-13 16:00:12. Today price of SelfKey is : 0$

SelfKey is a platform for managing and using personal authentication established by a team from Hong Kong. This platform uses the blockchain to store the necessary identity information, which can be used in different fields such as citizen identification, business services and so on. Selfkey is a digital identity e-wallet and market based on the blockchain.It enables individuals and businesses to truly own, control, and manage their digital identity, and can instantly obtain investment citizenship, company registration, banking, Financial and immigration services including fintech products, token sales, digital currency exchange, etc. selfkey makes kyc simple, easy, and easy, giving users access to hundreds of products and services. Relying parties, certification authorities, and identity owners can conduct transactions in a secure, private, and decentralized manner. Advantages of SelfKey: The current demand for network security and personal data management is growing, and blockchain technology naturally has the advantages of secure storage and information encryption · The team has rich experience in the field of personal information, and previously created KYC-Chain, focusing on providing KYC services in the B2B market Broad market prospects, from token sales, government management, resident status to cross-border capital transfers all require identity authentication Team members and consultants have extensive experience in the technical and sales fields From the pre-sale stage, it is very popular and the community is highly active