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Graphic of Ripio Credit Network coin price. Dynamics of costs RCN online, history of values

Dynamic and history value of price RCN. Maximal value of price Ripio Credit Network was 0.06128$ - 2021-01-10 17:00:13, Minimal price of RCN was 0.03416$ value and fixed at 2020-11-12 10:00:12. Today price of Ripio Credit Network is : 0$

RCN (Ripio Credit Network) is a protocol based on blockchain smart contract technology. It has a very ambitious goal to connect any two credit lenders (borrowers and lenders) in the world through the RCN protocol, regardless of whether you Venezuela, Argentina, or Chinese, whether you use RMB, Euro or other currencies. RCN reduces the intermediary fees and management costs of traditional banks by connecting the various entities of the borrowing chain through the bonds of smart contracts, and ultimately provides a service for borrowers and lenders to better experience. All transactions between Ripio network agents require RCN tokens. The borrower needs to pay RCN tokens to the identity verifier to verify their identity. Credit scorers provide the credit rating of the borrower to obtain RCN tokens. Co-signers receive RCN tokens as commissions to sign smart contracts with borrowers. When the lender agrees to the smart contract listed on the credit exchange, the credit exchange will send the corresponding RCN token with the same amount as the loan amount to the electronic wallet provider through the smart contract. Finally, the e-wallet provider exchanged RCN tokens for local currency and provided them to borrowers. Please note that only lenders and intermediaries will use RCN tokens, and borrowers only need to have access to the local currency. This will lower the barrier to entry for borrowers from the Ripio credit network (after all, only a few people currently know how to use tokens). Since (1) lenders need to use RCN tokens to complete loan investment, and (2) are used to pay network agents, the more people use the Ripio credit network, the more valuable RCN tokens are.