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Graphic of QuarkChain coin price. Dynamics of costs QKC online, history of values

Dynamic and history value of price QKC. Maximal value of price QuarkChain was 0.008147$ - 2021-01-19 15:00:14, Minimal price of QKC was 0.004011$ value and fixed at 2020-11-27 16:00:10. Today price of QuarkChain is : 0$

QuarkChain is a low-level blockchain technology solution based on sharding technology. It has the characteristics of security, decentralization, high throughput, and scalability. It will achieve transaction processing capabilities of more than 100,000 levels of chain per second (100,000+ TPS). . QuarkChain’s technology cores include: 1. Double-layer chain structure that can be fragmented multiple times QuarkChain consists of two layers of blockchain structure. The first layer is a sharding layer (which can be understood as a sub-chain layer) for transaction accounting; the second layer is a root chain for confirming transactions in the shard. Without affecting the root chain, the number of shards in the sharding layer can be dynamically increased to improve the overall throughput of the system. 2.Market-driven collaborative mining provides security In order to ensure the security of the transaction, QuarkChain has designed a mechanism for motivating miners to work and reasonably allocate computing power based on the game theory framework. At least 50% of the entire network computing power will be allocated to the root chain to prevent possible double spending. And malicious mining attacks. 3. Anti-centralization horizontal node expansion On any blockchain network with high TPS processing capacity, a super node that keeps the entire network ledger will be very expensive, which will lead to centralization. To avoid this problem, QuarkChain supports multiple inexpensive nodes to form a cluster to achieve the function of a super node, avoiding centralization. 4. Efficient cross-slice transactions The QuarkChain network supports cross-shard transactions at any time and at any place, and quickly completes transaction confirmation. As the number of shards increases, the transaction speed will increase linearly. 5. Simple account management In the QuarkChain system, each user only needs to create an account to use the entire blockchain network. The encrypted assets of users on different shards will be stored securely in a smart wallet, and the use experience is like transactions on a single chain. 6.Turing complete smart contract platform QuarkChain supports Turing’s complete smart contracts and uses the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) to easily migrate existing EVM DApps on Ethereum to the QuarkChain platform.