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Graphic of PowerLedger coin price. Dynamics of costs POWR online, history of values

Dynamic and history value of price POWR. Maximal value of price PowerLedger was 0.1267$ - 2021-01-19 16:00:19, Minimal price of POWR was 0.07388$ value and fixed at 2020-11-03 08:00:12. Today price of PowerLedger is : 0$

Power Ledger is a project that applies blockchain in the energy field. It changes the mode of energy production, distribution, and trading through blockchain technology, making it possible for individuals and communities to create energy, own energy, and trade energy. Such a decentralized energy system is more flexible, lower cost than the existing centralized energy system, and can encourage more people to produce their own energy and reduce carbon emissions. Blockchain technology can make energy prices cheaper, greener, and more controllable. In the traditional power energy system, power companies dominate. It controls the power grid and sends electricity to individuals and industrial enterprises through the power grid. Electric power companies can determine the amount of power generation, where to generate power, and maintain the normal operation of the power system through a centralized system. The traditional grid benefits are that consumers can obtain relatively stable prices and security through centralized operations. Power Ledger designs a «decentralized» and «trustless» trading platform for traditional power networks. By building a distributed electricity trading network, more people are encouraged to produce renewable energy, energy is transferred into the network, and a network where ordinary consumers can also sell energy to others, and transactions can be achieved without any The three-party intermediary is added, including controlling the participant’s data, setting the price, and guaranteeing the payment of fees. The protocol is completely controlled by the blockchain, and real-time settlement can be achieved through smart contracts. Once the distributed energy transaction exceeds the centralized supply model, the owners of distributed energy can obtain income. One income comes from the sales of energy and the other comes from network services, including frequency and voltage control, load conversion, distribution and download. Shen et al. Powr is the fuel of the power ledger ecosystem, and the tokens are non-blocking cost blockchain tokens that allow application hosts and participants to access and use the platform (like limited software license rights).