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Graphic of Pluton coin price. Dynamics of costs PLU online, history of values

Dynamic and history value of price PLU. Maximal value of price Pluton was 8.84$ - 2021-01-04 22:00:16, Minimal price of PLU was 3.816$ value and fixed at 2020-12-20 11:00:09. Today price of Pluton is : 0$

pluton is the plutus token, a mobile application that will allow users to pay in bitcoin on contactless payment terminals. This technology is based on the Ethereum platform. As long as there is a payment terminal supported by NFC, even if the merchant does not use Bitcoin as a payment method, it can use Bitcoin to pay. According to plutus, the use process is very simple. First, through the application, convert bitcoin into fiat currency. Fiat currency will be stored in a virtual debit card or converted into «tokens» inside the application. Users You can use this token to pay through nfc. The specific process of payment and Bitcoin conversion into fiat currency is as follows: 1. The user sends Bitcoin to the address displayed on the app; 2. Bitcoin is automatically sent to verified traders on the decentralized trading platform, and exchanged into US dollars, euros, etc. Users can choose the appropriate legal currency according to the region where the merchant is located; 3. Confirm that the trader has received Bitcoin through the smart contract (dex) running on the Ethereum platform, and the corresponding amount of fiat currency will be automatically sent to the user’s plutus virtual debit card account; 4. Finally, the user can use this money to pay on all nfc terminals.