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Graphic of Patientory coin price. Dynamics of costs PTOY online, history of values

Dynamic and history value of price PTOY. Maximal value of price Patientory was 0.01157$ - 2021-01-08 12:00:13, Minimal price of PTOY was 0.005132$ value and fixed at 2020-11-26 20:00:10. Today price of Patientory is : 0$

Patientory is a medical blockchain-based application where users track their health history by creating a patient profile. This free app gives patients an easy way to access doctors, check medical bills, view personal medical information, track health insurance, immunizations and even dock pharmacy drug reserves. In addition, blockchain technology can effectively prevent cyber crimes such as medical fraud. Medical blockchain technology has a shared ledger that acts as the gatekeeper for medical data, and anyone with permissions can access a synchronized database network. The decentralization of blockchain technology provides unprecedented security advantages.It is almost impossible for cyber criminals to attack one block in the linked list without simultaneously attacking other blocks in the linked list. The most attractive aspect of medical blockchain technology is not only the ability to store the patient’s entire health history, but also to determine access to medical data. The Patientory blockchain medical application stores patient information on a secure blockchain technology platform that complies with the HIPAA Act (Medical Electronic Exchange Act). The blockchain medical application allows users to create personal profiles. With this information, they can view their own health information, get in touch with medical staff, and even chat with doctors on the blockchain medical platform. The blockchain medical application platform is like an API, fully compatible with existing electronic medical record systems, and hospitals and health care providers can continue to use their devices and technologies with only minor adjustments to their back end. The token PTOY allows them to purchase additional storage space from nodes established by the hospital system. PTOY can be purchased through cryptocurrency exchanges or other platforms. Similarly, medical institutions will use the token PTOY. Tokens are also used for payment links after signing smart contracts with medical insurance companies, and also as a mechanism for adjusting value model indicators.