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Graphic of openANX coin price. Dynamics of costs OAX online, history of values

Dynamic and history value of price OAX. Maximal value of price openANX was 0.1453$ - 2021-01-09 21:00:13, Minimal price of OAX was 0.04889$ value and fixed at 2020-10-30 08:00:07. Today price of openANX is : 0$

OAX coin is short for Ethereum token of the OpenANX project, and is also called ANX coin. OpenANX is an innovative, open source, decentralized trading platform that will be more transparent, secure, and efficient, change the transaction model of the digital token market, solve the asset barriers of large-scale adoption of cryptocurrencies, and add real-world fiat currencies to cryptocurrencies. system. The openANX platform will use the technological development of the Ethereum blockchain, such as payment channels (Raiden Network, 0x, Swap, ERC20), etc., to meet the challenges brought by the current centralized trading platform model (CEM). It will draw on the advantages of the existing model to improve the operation of the decentralized trading platform, establish a connection between the existing trading platform (asset gateway) and the infrastructure network, and strengthen the mortgage deposit system to provide users with a basis for risk assessment. At the same time, it will provide an off-chain, legally binding dispute arbitration mechanism to provide much-needed consumer protection. In addition, through open source, openANX guarantees its transparency and allows users and the public to review and participate in it. To be a substitute for a central agency (government or regulator), the only way to ensure transparency is to write transparency into the blockchain. The openANX platform uses the latest technology, and peer-reviewed and applied open source code; it will combine the advantages of the existing CEM model and the best features and characteristics of the decentralized model, while avoiding the shortcomings of these two systems . openANX will provide gateway services and a secondary decentralized market (transaction service) that bridges Ethereum’s ERC20 tokens. These Ethereum tokens can be either Ethereum native tokens (such as tokens of other decentralized autonomous organizations), or encrypted tokens supported by off-chain assets.