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Graphic of NXT coin price. Dynamics of costs NXT online, history of values

Dynamic and history value of price NXT. Maximal value of price NXT was 0.0139$ - 2021-01-10 16:00:11, Minimal price of NXT was 0.008359$ value and fixed at 2020-11-19 00:00:13. Today price of NXT is : 0$

nxt is an open source encryption platform with a decentralized, non-company structure. It has many similarities with the Linux operating system, especially in terms of supporting open source and organizational structure. The core nxt code is written by the developer bcnext in the java language. The nxt system started to run on November 24, 2013, using its own local blockchain implementation based on evidence-based example proofs instead of proof of work. nxt is a «second-generation» cryptocurrency platform, which means that in addition to the basic functions of «first-generation» systems such as Bitcoin, nxt is also designed as a modular system with a core set of functions and can be used as a third party The basis of the project. The current nxt core functions include the following: -Local blockchain implementation. Based on curve 22519 algorithm, the blocking time is 1 minute. -nxt cryptocurrency 1 billion coins are created and distributed, and the blockchain is maintained by a verification process that rewards node operators with transaction fees: «forging». nxt can be seen as a fuel for more advanced nxt features, as well as a cryptocurrency of its own. -Encrypted and unencrypted messages from any nxt account to another. -Account authentication. nxt users can use the unique identification generated by the nxt client based on the encrypted version of the account passphrase to fully identify and authenticate themselves as a specific account holder. -Alias ​​/ dns system. Allows simple plain text tags to be assigned to complex account numbers or URLs. -The market. All commodities are a completely decentralized market, and transactions are performed under the identity of the nxt account, making the market relatively anonymous. -Asset exchange. Allows the issuance and trading of assets (basically nxt-based tokens). This is a cryptographic security issue that has been used for crowdfunding, a reputation system, and as a new and established form of corporate stock. -Monetary system. The currency system allows the creation of subsidiary currencies on the nxt blockchain. With pos or pow, all parameters are under the control of the currency issuer.