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Graphic of NEM coin price. Dynamics of costs XEM online, history of values

Dynamic and history value of price XEM. Maximal value of price NEM was 0.3141$ - 2020-12-19 02:00:12, Minimal price of XEM was 0.08856$ value and fixed at 2020-10-26 06:00:11. Today price of NEM is : 0$

NEM is the world’s first blockchain for smart assets. From the underlying protocol to enterprise-level application performance, NEM’s blockchain technology delivers a world-class digital asset management platform, including: currency, supply chain, notarization, ownership records, and more. The capabilities of NEM are demonstrated through a direct and secure development interface, so you can showcase your blockchain technology solutions in the time you record. Whether you are creating the next best mobile app or bringing blockchain technology into your current business structure, NEM can make blockchain technology serve you. NEM’s intelligent asset system allows anyone to use the NEM blockchain completely autonomously. NEM has a series of powerful features, including a domain-like namespace and complete on-chain multi-signature control. Any kind of application can realize these characteristics through NEM’s simple API interface. NEM’s API can simply integrate mobile terminal APP, existing business structure or contract logic. The NEM public blockchain provides developers with an open and self-similar platform.