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Graphic of Neblio coin price. Dynamics of costs NEBL online, history of values

Dynamic and history value of price NEBL. Maximal value of price Neblio was 1.426$ - 2021-01-16 15:00:09, Minimal price of NEBL was 0.3001$ value and fixed at 2020-11-18 07:00:08. Today price of Neblio is : 0$

What does the Neblio blockchain do? Neblio is a technology platform that provides blockchain solutions to enterprises or institutions. Neblio is essentially the same as other blockchain networks, with a decentralized p2p network; there are many nodes that exchange information in the form of transactions; store data on a non-tamperable distributed ledger, and all nodes have all ledger Record, a recorded information will be broadcast to the entire network. Once the block is stored in the blockchain, all transaction information is irreversible and cannot be changed. Ledger information needs to be upgraded, then new blockchains are entered through new transactions, and there is also a consensus algorithm for pos. At the same time, Neblio is different from ordinary blockchain platforms. It focuses on providing blockchain technology services to enterprises or institutions. It believes that compared with traditional databases, using Neblio’s blockchain network can achieve transactions and data. Immutable, realizing the benefits of transparency, security, reliability, and decentralization. User scenarios for Neblio blockchain platform applications. Neblio helps companies and organizations build and deploy distributed applications. Distributed applications are mainly applications that obtain and store information on the Neblio blockchain. These applications have typical front-end and back-end clients that can store, process, and display application data. NEBL token role NEBL tokens are mainly used to maintain the security of the Neblio network. It uses the pos consensus algorithm. The more tokens a user has, the greater the voting power, to ensure network security and prevent attacks. To motivate users to hold tokens in this model, users will be rewarded for holding tokens and confirming new blocks. At the same time, users can also obtain economic benefits by selling tokens through the exchange, and can also obtain network voting rights by purchasing and holding tokens to maintain the safe operation of the network.