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Graphic of NAV Coin coin price. Dynamics of costs NAV online, history of values

Dynamic and history value of price NAV. Maximal value of price NAV Coin was 0.2557$ - 2021-01-15 06:00:09, Minimal price of NAV was 0.08972$ value and fixed at 2020-11-05 13:00:08. Today price of NAV Coin is : 0$

Nav Coin is a decentralized encryption mechanism based on the latest version of Bitcoin Core. On a solid foundation, Nav Coin provides easy-to-use wallets with advanced privacy features. Faster transaction times No need to wait 10 minutes. Send your NAV instantly anywhere on the planet and confirm it’s available within 30 seconds. Nav Coin fast blocking speed is ideal for retail and e-commerce. Earn money while sleeping Since Nav Coin uses proof of stock, you can get up to 5% investment interest by placing your wallet in betting mode. Optional private payment Nav Coin’s NAVTech trading network is decentralized and completely anonymous. Transactions are encrypted and broadcast on our secondary subchain. Simple but powerful The Nav Coin wallet has been carefully crafted, intuitive and easy to use. It comes with a setup wizard and everything needed to load the blockchain, and starts sending transactions in a secure environment. By downloading our wallet, you will get a stylish and intuitive wallet that allows you to easily manage your NAV coins. You can also choose private transactions to protect your data and identity when making purchases online. Confidential with NavTech Although Bitcoin is usually related to privacy, the reality is that it is very public and easy to track. We need gold coins because privacy is a requirement of a well-functioning, democratic society. Without personal economic freedom, there can be no free speech. NAVTech is our dual block system for sending private Nav Coin payments. Essentially, the transaction information is encrypted and sent over a second blockchain, completely breaking the link between the two addresses. It is easy to use and pre-configured in our latest wallet. It is open source and decentralized. Anyone can set up their own server or use ours.