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Graphic of Namecoin coin price. Dynamics of costs NMC online, history of values

Dynamic and history value of price NMC. Maximal value of price Namecoin was 1.088$ - 2020-12-11 12:00:09, Minimal price of NMC was 0.2$ value and fixed at 2020-11-06 20:00:17. Today price of Namecoin is : 0$

Namecoin is referred to as nmc, and the Chinese name is Domain Name Coin. Namecoin is a distributed domain name system based on Bitcoin technology, which is secure and uncensored. The concept of namecoin is similar to Bitcoin. It is based on the Bitcoin code, but namecoin uses a new blockchain, which is independent of the Bitcoin blockchain. The cost of registering a namecoin domain consists of two parts: network fees and handling fees. These fees are paid through nameconin (referred to as nc for short). The initial registration costs 50 nc, and the network fee will be reduced by two every two months. This means that the network fee will gradually be less than 1 nc within one year. The cost of the Internet is to improve the early registration gate to ensure that there are still enough domain names in the later period, but over time, it will become insignificant after a few years. This network fee will not flow to anyone, because it will be destroyed during the transaction. The processing fee will be paid to the miners. At the initial stage of mining, how much the processing fee is paid is determined by you. It can be 0.01nc or even free, but the higher the payment, the faster your transaction processing speed will be increased accordingly. Like bitcoin, you need to obtain the namecoin through mining. In addition, you can only ask for others, for example, exchange bitcoin and namecoin with the other party. You need to upgrade your domain name about every three months, but the process is free. The upgrade method is to use the namecoin bound in your domain name account as an input to generate a transaction to upgrade. A special 0.01nc is assigned to the account. This special currency cannot be traded, thereby ensuring your account. Will not be cleared. Namecoin features: DNS service providers for .com / .cn, com, and cn are controlled by the United States and China, respectively, so the government can review the content of the website and even shut down. Namecoin corresponds to the .bit domain name. .Bit provides services similar to .com, except that the .bit domain name is permanently written into the blockchain. No one can control it, ensuring that the website can freely publish information. For example, in extreme cases, the US government can close google.com with global influence, but not google.bit. How Namecoin works: The DNS lookup table is shared through a peer-to-peer network. As long as someone on the network is running the Namecoin server software, the domain name can be accessed and no one can control it.