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Graphic of Mercury coin price. Dynamics of costs MER online, history of values

Dynamic and history value of price MER. Maximal value of price Mercury was 0.007859$ - 2020-12-17 08:00:08, Minimal price of MER was 0.003621$ value and fixed at 2021-01-02 18:00:16. Today price of Mercury is : 0$

The Darcrus project will completely change the current way of doing business with Jupiter blockchain and decentralized applications. Darcrus can tailor applications to the specific needs of customers, such as tracking, billing, accounting or certification, with a fully customized GUI. The information is automatically encrypted and replicated in the Jupiter Node System (JNS). Because every change is recorded in JNS, no one can modify information that has not been noticed, and unauthorized persons are not allowed to read encrypted information stored in JNS. Merculet has built an attention value network. It links the supply and demand sides of attention. An open protocol suite to promote the value of a virtuous circle of the Internet. Attention value network is composed of three core parts: user attention value evaluation system, user attention token and open content platform. Merculet has established a user attention value (Uav) evaluation system to scientifically measure the user’s attention value. An entrepreneur can simply access a drone system, which can seamlessly integrate traditional reward point systems through a set of open protocols. Merculet provides a complete solution to help entrepreneurs issue UATs (user attention tokens), which are designated tokens. Every entrepreneur. UAT will anchor basic MVP tokens at different rates, promoting synergy and value exchange between entrepreneurs Merculet has built an open content platform that is based on consensus and token-driven, becoming a source of users. Follow and encourage all users in the ecosystem to actively promote positive development. The global content ecosystem cycle as a participant. Technically, Merculet uses a multi-layered architecture to balance the performance of a large number of Internet users, a large number of intermediate states, and the performance of the underlying public chain.