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Graphic of LinkEye coin price. Dynamics of costs LET online, history of values

Dynamic and history value of price LET. Maximal value of price LinkEye was 0.01368$ - 2020-11-09 20:00:08, Minimal price of LET was 0.009095$ value and fixed at 2020-11-03 00:00:11. Today price of LinkEye is : 0$

linkeye is a set of independently developed credit information sharing alliance chain solutions based on blockchain technology. linkeye is based on the Chinese, Southeast Asian, and European markets. Through the deep integration of blockchain technology and credit economic models, it can share the list of untrustworthy people among the alliance members, and connect the islands of credit data to form a true, reliable, and comprehensive social society. Credit database, effectively promote and improve the social credit system, and ultimately achieve equality for everyone in front of credit. LinkEye advantages a) Based on blockchain technology. This central node is completely controlled by the data center. The data center can modify and delete these data at will. This has caused data centers to be based on the current data alliance model. Generally, multiple small data centers are attached to a large data center, and small data centers and large data centers exchange data. In this model, small data centers cannot trust each other, and all data is exchanged through large data centers. The end result is that large data centers keep all their data for themselves. Blockchain is a decentralized distributed data storage technology. Its core value is to create a secure and trustworthy system that allows organizations or individuals who do not trust each other to interact with each other with trust and information without the coordination of an authoritative central institution. At the same time, the blockchain implements data tamper-resistant and non-deletable through technical means such as cryptography, distributed consistency protocols, consensus protocols, and peer-to-peer network communications. LinkEye uses blockchain technology. Once the credit information is published on the chain, it will never be deleted and modified. At the same time, data centers can share data with each other. b) industry insights. LinkEye has deep experience in the financial industry. At the same time, the credit information has a good understanding of the generation and application in the mobile Internet society. It has a scientific and clear understanding of the operability, implementation and development of the project. The blockchain-based credit information alliance ensures that it can be searched in some form and is done by the engine LinkEye. c) successful experience. LinkEye camp, business, product, development capabilities. With over 5 billion payment platforms, successfully operating a credit platform for millions of users, it has very professional project capabilities in this field. The team has a wealth of experience to participate in the participation of Internet financial projects, has a wealth of industry experience, has a deep understanding of the blockchain and credit information fields, and can accurately grasp the key points of the industry. Using the blockchain to solve practical problems in the field of financial credit, the team has a unique accumulation. d) Resource advantages. The core of establishing a credit information alliance based on blockchain is to expand the number of high-quality members and high-quality data of the alliance. At the beginning of the project, the concept and technical advantages of the project have established strategic cooperation with credit institutions, and the initial data accumulation has reached Million-level, and continue to rapidly expand the alliance database. The LinkEye team at the beginning of the project and up to tens of millions of blockchain-based credit unions has more than 3 years of project experience, with first-class risk control, operations, commerce, products, development ability.