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Graphic of Insolar coin price. Dynamics of costs INS online, history of values

Dynamic and history value of price INS. Maximal value of price Insolar was 0.2564$ - 2021-01-08 15:00:09, Minimal price of INS was 0.07368$ value and fixed at 2020-10-21 00:00:14. Today price of Insolar is : 0$

Insolar is building a fourth-generation enterprise blockchain platform designed to enable seamless links between companies and create new growth mechanisms. In addition to the blockchain platform, Insolar will also provide blockchain services and ecosystem support for companies wishing to develop and deploy blockchain solutions. Insolar will provide the most complete and secure blockchain tools and services to quickly build and launch blockchain enterprise applications and accelerate the process from initial concept to application.   In traditional business networks, all participants maintain their own ledgers, but these ledgers can be duplicated and wrong, which can lead to disputes, prolonged settlement times, and intermediaries and their associated administrative costs. What exacerbates these problems is that 80% of company data is stored in tight, centralized databases, which means that a lot of time and resources are wasted in finding, cleaning, and validating data.   In the fields of finance, logistics, consumer goods, energy, healthcare, transportation, manufacturing, etc., the world’s most innovative companies will turn to Insolar. They recognize that in today’s digital economy, a great deal of value is still trapped by unconnected processes and forms of organization. Insolar is their remedy that can help them discover and realize business value in the blockchain network-a strategy that startups, acceleration and innovation will replace long-term business friction in a trusting and transparent manner. Delegating trust to the blockchain means that businesses can pursue a wider network, run on new partners, and easily enter new ecosystems. The blockchain-based network supports cross-organizational boundaries for sharing, trusted data, and multi-party collaboration in process automation. This has brought benefits on many levels. First, it improves efficiency. Finally, it redesigns and integrates the operation of the entire ecosystem the way.   Insolar is a professional team of more than 60 North American and Europeans, including top 35 engineering teams with practical blockchain engineering expertise, and 10 from major institutions (University of York, ETH Zurich, Princeton University) A leading blockchain scholar.