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Graphic of IHTCoin coin price. Dynamics of costs IHT online, history of values

Dynamic and history value of price IHT. Maximal value of price IHTCoin was 0.001604$ - 2020-10-22 12:00:14, Minimal price of IHT was 0.0003485$ value and fixed at 2021-01-20 18:00:09. Today price of IHTCoin is : 0$

IHT is a smart contract technology and distributed accounting technology developed under i-house.com specifically for splitting real estate. It uses the blockchain’s own trust mechanism, tamper-resistance, information transparency, co-regulation and traceability. IHT smart contracts can split and distribute large amounts of real estate to financial institutions, thus giving users the opportunity to invest in small amounts of money and benefit from real estate. And ensure the safety and low risk of investment. How to use IHT wallet ATO (Real Estate Property Subscription) is an instruction to initiate a split by the asset side. Used to generate asset splits and record in the underlying IHT ledger. All transactions of property rights and usufructs are executed in fiat currency. IHT consumption in the wallet is only the induction mechanism of ATO. * IHT will not be used as the asset trading currency, all asset trading currencies will be traded according to the local trading fiat currency. Real estate agent launches ATO (real estate property rights subscription) on IHT platform After passing the qualification certification (relevant legal licenses, asset registration, proof of property rights, etc.) on the IHT platform, the real estate agent can obtain the authority to issue ATO. When a real estate agent issues an ATO, it is necessary to clarify the specific conditions of the property (such as the address, area, duration of property rights, and other relevant information), the share of the property sold, whether to buy back within a certain period of time, the effective length of the subscription, and the annualized annual income. After the share is determined, the real estate agent needs to use the IHT in the wallet to pay the split handling fee for the share before it can officially release the ATO. How financial institutions underwrite ATO assets on the IHT platform After a financial institution is registered on the IHT platform, it can find its most suitable asset by screening and viewing the classification on the IHT’s underwriting platform. By consuming a certain amount of IHT as an inducement mechanism, it can underwrite some of the shares of an ATO. The specific number of IHT will be determined according to the specific conditions and conditions of the ATO. After confirming the completion of underwriting, financial institutions can package their share of underwriting into several sub-products, publish them on their own platform, and have a display entrance on the IHT platform for various users to view. How investors buy ATO assets After financial institutions release sub-products on their own platforms, investor users can make purchases through the financial institution’s sales portal; or through the IHT platform, recommend corresponding products based on the user’s personal interests and investment capabilities, and jump to financial institutions Purchase page.