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Graphic of HyperCash coin price. Dynamics of costs HC online, history of values

Dynamic and history value of price HC. Maximal value of price HyperCash was 1.153$ - 2020-10-22 14:00:07, Minimal price of HC was 0.5654$ value and fixed at 2020-12-30 10:00:18. Today price of HyperCash is : 0$

HCASH is a new decentralized, open source, cross-system digital cryptocurrency that will become the connection point for all blockchain systems, allowing free exchange of value and information between different blockchain systems. At present, HCASH has completed the HCASH2.0 main chain upgrade. The upgraded HCASH will use the «strong coupling, dual focus» dual-chain and dual-currency mechanism to implement the development and upgrade of HCASH on the structure of two concurrent chains-the original Hshare chain will be officially upgraded to the HyperCash master The chain (HC) and the HyperExchange main chain (HX) hatched from HCASH together form a double-chain structure. The HC chain will fully realize the anti-quantum characteristics and privacy protection, support the mixed consensus of PoW + PoS, focus on the deep research and development of the underlying technology of the blockchain, and provide HyperExchange with value tokens needed to maintain system stability. At the same time, HCASH will upgrade all the technical features proposed by HC, anti-ASIC, intelligent lightning network protocol HAILP (HCASH AI Lighting Protocol), etc. have been included in the next development plan; HyperExchange will pass Blockchain Multi Tunnel Protocol, Hyper Exchange The three core components of Axis and Indicator provide HCASH with inter-blockchain value interworking and interconnection solutions, and based on this, realize the free flow of information and value between blockchain and non-blockchain distributed ledgers (such as DAG). To build a foundation for constructing a multi-asset distributed business application ecosystem.