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Graphic of HelloGold coin price. Dynamics of costs HGT online, history of values

Dynamic and history value of price HGT. Maximal value of price HelloGold was 0.001468$ - 2021-01-17 02:00:05, Minimal price of HGT was 0.0002092$ value and fixed at 2021-01-02 01:00:15. Today price of HelloGold is : 0$

Hellogold is a gold financial service platform based on blockchain technology.It mainly relies on Ethereum’s smart contracts to realize gold spot transactions, savings, mortgages and other forms of circulation. The hellogold project will issue two types of assets-gbt and hgt, where gbt is a gold anchored asset, which is mainly used to realize the circulation of the gold spot; hgt is a token sold by ico, which corresponds to hellogold’s transaction transaction fee and storage fee The distribution of equity (in the form of gbt) does not represent any assets. Hello Gold’s business model is mainly divided into two major blocks, one of which is the GBT-based gold financial service platform. This financial service platform collects users by providing tokenized gold exchange, trading, savings, mortgage and other services. The handling fee and storage fee form the profit of the Hello Gold company, and 10% of the monthly management fee will be donated to the HGF (Hello Gold Foundation) in the form of physical gold, and the foundation will convert these physical gold into the corresponding GBT; One is the foundation equity certificate based on HGT, which can be allocated to the GBT donated by the financial service platform to the foundation by holding the HGT. Detailed distribution rules are formulated by HGF.