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Graphic of Fusion coin price. Dynamics of costs FSN online, history of values

Dynamic and history value of price FSN. Maximal value of price Fusion was 0.3133$ - 2020-11-25 13:00:07, Minimal price of FSN was 0.1466$ value and fixed at 2020-12-30 13:00:14. Today price of Fusion is : 0$

Fusion is an open blockchain that strives to create an inclusive, implicit financial platform by providing smart contracts across chains, organizations and data sources. Fusion makes itself a sidechain of all blockchains through its lock-in and lock-out technologies, and all these original blockchain tokens map their own tokens to the fusion public chain through this sidechain technology Thus realizing multi-currency mixed programming. With distributed key generation and distributed threshold signatures, various tokens controlled by private keys can be mapped onto the fusion public chain. In this way, a layer of custody and presentation is formed on all blockchains and tokens, and multi-currency smart contracts can be performed on it. With this feature, various existing tokens will be mapped to fusion in the future, and many new projects will issue tokens on fusion. As a large amount of value will be mapped to fusion, various tokens can interact with each other, and smart contracts can be used for mortgage, custody, lending, derivatives and other applications. Because these applications are essentially smart contracts or their nesting based on multi-user, multi-currency, and multi-trigger conditions. Fusion is likely to be a platform-level application of crypto finance on the value Internet in the future, and is the next public chain project with Ethereum energy.