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Graphic of Fortuna coin price. Dynamics of costs FOTA online, history of values

Dynamic and history value of price FOTA. Maximal value of price Fortuna was 0.001515$ - 2021-01-07 12:00:11, Minimal price of FOTA was 0.0003132$ value and fixed at 2020-11-12 02:00:30. Today price of Fortuna is : 0$

Fortuna is a distributed risk hedging blockchain platform, as well as an implementation and promotion platform for «risk hedging + blockchain» who has mastered the underlying development technology of the blockchain and has rich financial market management and practical experience. The core of Fortuna’s business is to innovate and optimize the blockchain’s distributed consensus algorithms, smart contract technology, and digital currency mechanisms, focusing on solving the lack of trust, low efficiency, and limited liquidity in the OTC derivatives market. Three core bottlenecks. At the same time, in addition to the traditional derivatives market, an accurate hedge market with finer contract granularity, an incremental hedge market anchoring new basic assets, and an inclusive hedge market with lower knowledge and financial thresholds have been created. In addition, based on blockchain technology, it provides real-time data and technical tools for the supervision and monitoring of the OTC risk hedging market by regulators, provides algorithmic foundation and technical support for the self-discipline and autonomy mechanism of the OTC market, and builds a source based on risk management. Maturity risk hedge market. The solutions provided by the Fortuna platform are outlined below: 1. Distributed consensus: Create a DPOS-based hybrid consensus algorithm, DPOSA consensus algorithm, on the premise of ensuring the security and efficiency of risk hedging transactions, to ensure that the contract information and transaction data on the chain cannot be tampered with, as long as it does not exceed the entire network1 The / 3 network nodes cooperate evil, and the system will not fork, avoiding the potential moral hazard of the centralized organization; 2. Smart contracts: The traditional one-to-one paper contract signing mode of the OTC derivatives market line has been replaced by an on-chain smart contract signing mode. The use of smart contract programmability and automatic execution of technical features prevents the credit of non-performance by counterparties. risk; 3. Fund supervision: By introducing digital currency FOTA, unified platform transaction media. After the transaction funds in the form of digital currency are hosted at a public address on the blockchain, the entire network node can monitor it for 7 * 24 hours, and cannot perform any manual intervention and black box operations. Compared to traditional Bank supervision account measures will improve the transparency and efficiency of fund supervision; 4. Distributed Quote Mechanism: Replace the traditional centralized basic asset price inquiry and result judgment mechanism with the distributed Quote mechanism, and introduce equity management and redistribution mechanisms in similar corporate governance areas to ensure that each one provides price inquiry / result judgment The Quoters of the service can do their best to make an objective and fair quotation and result judgment, to prevent the possibility of evildoing and manipulation of the result; 5. Network-wide arbitration: If one party to the transaction is not satisfied with the judgment result / basic asset price provided by the distributed Quote mechanism, they can submit an audit to the Fortuna platform for arbitration by the nodes on the entire network to provide platform users on the basis of the distributed Quote mechanism. Further institutional guarantees; 6. Credit record: Record transaction performance and defaults on a case-by-case basis through the blockchain, establish platform users’ lifetime credit files, ensure data can be traced back to the source, cannot be tampered with, and be transparent across the entire network. Provide credit data support during the quotation phase; 7. Self-discipline mechanism: through five types of platform corners, such as contract template creator CoT Maker, contract trader Trader, basic asset quoter Quoter, market maker Market Maker, and agent Delegate 8. Sey’s function definition and interactive relationship design, build a complete ecosystem, and design autonomous self-discipline rules, implement reward and punishment measures through FOTA, and promote the platform’s ecological construction and self-discipline mechanism.