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Graphic of Etherparty coin price. Dynamics of costs FUEL online, history of values

Dynamic and history value of price FUEL. Maximal value of price Etherparty was 0.0005233$ - 2020-11-26 21:00:09, Minimal price of FUEL was 0.0002002$ value and fixed at 2020-12-30 09:00:15. Today price of Etherparty is : 0$

Etherparty is essentially a wizard program for smart contracts, which eliminates the complexity of creating and executing smart contracts on any blockchain. Users only need to choose from a library of templates, instead of having to start from scratch and do not need programming Expertise. The use cases of their smart contract templates will focus on areas such as P2P third-party payment contracts, token creation, and more. Etherparty has released the advantages of fast, secure, and low-cost smart contracts for individuals and businesses. It represents a new generation of «software as a service». Etherparty promises that it will bring smart contracts to development just like content management systems benefit web development. Fuel tokens are the key to using etherparty. They manage the contract library, security testing, network fees, monitoring, and the entire smart contract process. Fuel is a transportable erc-20 digital token deployed on the Ethereum network and an in-app currency that powers the etherparty platform. Users will use fuel to gain access and use the platform’s capabilities. Fuel tokens are a way to verify user interaction with etherparty, allowing users to purchase, execute or exchange other smart contracts on the platform. In the future, fuel will be used as access to smart contracts on multiple blockchains, integrating different blockchains into the unified view of the etherparty platform. The total supply of fuel tokens is 1 billion and will not increase. The smallest unit of fuel is wei. The tokens used on the platform will return to the platform supply again. We will provide users with services to purchase fuel from these supplies.