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Graphic of Enigma coin price. Dynamics of costs ENG online, history of values

Dynamic and history value of price ENG. Maximal value of price Enigma was 0.724$ - 2020-12-14 21:00:10, Minimal price of ENG was 0.1129$ value and fixed at 2021-01-16 04:00:10. Today price of Enigma is : 0$

Enigma-Scalable privacy for blockchain The Enigma project was created by MIT graduates and researchers. This protocol is a second layer, off-chain network, designed to solve two major issues of the current blockchain: scalability and privacy. By allowing secure, decentralized data calculations and transactions, Enigma allows blockchain technology to fulfill its ambitious promise. True decentralization Centralized systems are flawed-because of structural problems, they can lead to problems such as inappropriate reward mechanisms, corruption, and vulnerability. Blockchain technology can help solve these problems, but blockchain technology itself has two shortcomings: scalability and privacy. At present, the computing power of blockchain is very low and expensive. In addition, some sensitive data cannot be saved on-chain. As a result, most of the data must be stored in an off-chain centralized database. Enigma’s goal is to achieve true decentralized applications, making them less vulnerable to attacks than centralized applications. Covert contract Enigma’s commitment is based on its special technology, which can protect the privacy of data while it is being operated on. The nodes of the Enigma network cannot see the data they have calculated, but they can publicly prove the accuracy of the operation. This opens a new door for smart contracts-known as hidden contracts, in which the underlying data processing process will always remain encrypted.