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Graphic of Elrond coin price. Dynamics of costs ERD online, history of values

Dynamic and history value of price ERD. Maximal value of price Elrond was 0.03635$ - 2021-01-08 12:00:12, Minimal price of ERD was 0.001778$ value and fixed at 2020-11-29 05:00:11. Today price of Elrond is : 0$

Elrond introduced a novel blockchain architecture that goes beyond the latest technological levels and aims to achieve scalability through adaptive state sharding and proof of security (SPoS). On the one hand, our solution provides scalability while maintaining security and decentralization; on the other hand, it ensures large-scale efficiency and sustainability by eliminating intensive PoW energy and computing waste. Last but not least, we believe that interoperability will help the future development of the blockchain ecosystem, so we designed Elrond to be EVM-compliant and interoperable across chains. The main value drivers behind ERD are the underlying technology solutions, such as proof of security and adaptive state sharding. The Elrond ecosystem consists of multiple different layers, adding value to users of the ecosystem. Elrond has comprehensively rethought the public blockchain infrastructure, with the following advantages: 1. High Scalability-Comparing or exceeding the throughput compared with the centralized counterpart 2. Efficiency-execute all network services with minimal energy and computational requirements 3. Strong security – enabling secure transactions and maintaining security in the face of attacks 4. Cross-chain interoperability – enforced by design, allowing unlimited communication between external services