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Graphic of Eidoo coin price. Dynamics of costs EDO online, history of values

Dynamic and history value of price EDO. Maximal value of price Eidoo was 0.6144$ - 2020-10-21 00:00:12, Minimal price of EDO was 0.6144$ value and fixed at 2020-10-21 00:00:12. Today price of Eidoo is : 0$

The EIDOO project is the first open, inclusive and global project dedicated to creating an efficient «blockchain human-machine interface» that simplifies the interaction between users and blockchain-based assets, while retaining this technology The main advantages. Its achievements are reflected in: it can provide a complete set of products and services to achieve a new, intuitive, simple, consistent and secure user experience, focusing on storing, buying, selling, transferring, and exchanging digital assets based on blockchain in a simple and secure way , Including all major «crypto digital currencies» and «tokens», as well as payments in encrypted digital currencies without relying on any central authority to buy or sell any goods. EIDOO Wallet is at the heart of the entire project. EIDOO Wallet will be a local multi-asset, designed specifically for the mobile world (a single integrated environment), and will be used to manage all tokens intuitively, without the need for complex configuration, while still taking advantage of best security standards and best practices. The innovative services of exchange-encrypted digital currencies and tokens are directly integrated into the platform. This integrated exchange system eliminates the need to transfer assets to a centralized escrow third party (otherwise financial losses may result from vulnerabilities, hacking or exit scams): users always have full control of their funds. In the long run, the EIDOO roadmap also includes a fully decentralized market based on blockchain. Other services around these decentralized tools will facilitate the use of cryptocurrencies, such as the ability to recharge debit cards directly through the EIDOO application without stopping the application. For those in need, EIDOO also provides digital identity solutions. Such solutions adopt the design of anonymous sovereign identity trust network (Webof Trust) and integrate digital identity cards.