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Graphic of Divi coin price. Dynamics of costs DIVI online, history of values

Dynamic and history value of price DIVI. Maximal value of price Divi was 0.04172$ - 2020-10-31 16:00:12, Minimal price of DIVI was 0.0139$ value and fixed at 2020-12-17 14:00:13. Today price of Divi is : 0$

Divi offers a novel solution to the biggest and most profitable problem in the cryptocurrency world: the «mass adoption» of ordinary people. Committed to bringing the power of blockchain to those who avoid it and find it too technical, boring, and scary. This is the largest financial opportunity ever in history, and the divi project wants to be the first viable solution. Divi’s core innovation features: Smart Wallet Technology-Divi’s blockchain ledger will include additional information that enables Divi’s wallet to connect and identify recipients of funds to be sent, and displays photos or logos and other information, adding extra security and support to avoid Send funds to the wrong place. In addition to the core of the blockchain, a whole new set of applications can be provided around the smart wallet concept.  There are millions of people outside every cryptocurrency expert. Divi believes that the community support behind the token is more important to its value than technology. We intend to take care of our DIVI holder community with unparalleled enthusiasm. Divi is forming a panel of experts and launching CEO forums in underrepresented areas such as women to advise on how to make Divi more applicable to the general public. Almost every aspect of the Divi Project, from innovative social functions to Divi’s «lottery block», aims to encourage Divi token owners to become long-term holders and avid fans, allowing cryptocurrencies to reach the masses.