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Graphic of district0x coin price. Dynamics of costs DNT online, history of values

Dynamic and history value of price DNT. Maximal value of price district0x was 0.1852$ - 2021-01-08 00:00:09, Minimal price of DNT was 0.008431$ value and fixed at 2020-11-04 08:00:11. Today price of district0x is : 0$

DNT is an Ethereum token for the district0x project. District0x (hereinafter referred to as DNT for short) The online community is a decentralized, open source autonomous community, developed based on technologies such as Ethereum, Aragon (Decentralized Autonomous Organization Project), and IPFS (Distributed Storage). Its core framework is d0xinfra, which is based on Ethereum’s smart contracts and step-by-step storage through ipfs. It supports all community members to freely and permanently deploy a decentralized and autonomous market or community on the direct0x network. The District0x community is based on the DAO decentralized autonomous organization. Its token DNT can be used to purchase applications in any of the communities, which is equivalent to you becoming a shareholder of the community applications. You can participate in the community’s decision-making through ARAGON to get benefits. On the other hand, with the increase of users in the District0x community, DNT will also increase in value. Project Benefits: 1. From the perspective of DNT project implementation, the completion is good. The white paper has planned 5 «regions», that is, 5 major functions, and 3 have been implemented in the first period. Compared with the SMART written in the previous period, it is more than a little stronger. 2. The core value of DNT is transparency. The latest information on the use of funds and overall progress can be found on the official website. The blog also has weekly reports and quarterly reports. It can be seen that the DNT team has been actively engaging users to meet the original intention of the project’s decentralized market. Project risk: 1. DNT does not have a low-level architecture. Instead, it relies on IPFS and ETH for its information storage and token transactions, and organizes ETH’s smart contracts to make it more friendly to developers. Its overall development is highly related to ETH and IPFS, which requires special attention. 2. The development activity of the DNT project is average, and the PR is also relatively general. At present, the applications developed based on its platform are also from the founder team, and the usability of the project itself has not been proven. 3. In the long run, its token incentive mechanism is insufficiently considered. In the community, the Token itself corresponds to equity, but only 500w are reserved for early contributors. Most of the remaining Tokens are allocated to ICO investors, teams and consultants, which is not good for them. Follow-up development. Compared with SMART, the concept is very full and the display is very skinny. DNT needs to go further in both aspects to find its own unique flash point.