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Graphic of DECENT coin price. Dynamics of costs DCT online, history of values

Dynamic and history value of price DCT. Maximal value of price DECENT was 0.01318$ - 2020-10-31 23:00:07, Minimal price of DCT was 0.0003$ value and fixed at 2021-01-06 00:00:12. Today price of DECENT is : 0$

The decent platform is an open source protocol for digital content release based on blockchain technology. The decentralized automatic operation organization is free from any third party intervention. It was initiated by the decent Foundation and aims to establish an independent web3.0 publishing agreement for creative individuals, authors, bloggers, publishers and their fans. The agreement can transcend national boundaries, share any text, picture, video or music content and build your own lifetime reputation. Most media and content sharing platforms today are private entities. To post on these platforms, users must first agree to their terms and conditions and often lose ownership of the content they post. Third parties have the right to modify, edit or even delete digital content published by creative artists. Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, and Medium are typical examples of such platforms. And these creative authors have no chance to monetize their work. They also cannot evaluate the value of published works because the process is too complicated. Pirated works have always been rampant, largely due to the low cost of reproduction, and the author’s innovation cannot be protected. Online e-book stores, including Amazon, draw high commissions on e-book publishing and marketing. Amazon’s royalty rate is 35% or 70%. This allows authors who are not wealthy to receive only 65% ​​or 35% of the amount paid by readers. This shows that the phenomenon of freedom of speech and manipulation of the media exists. The middleman uses the author-reader relationship to profit from it, but its existence is not necessary. DECENT was born from this.