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Graphic of DATx coin price. Dynamics of costs DATX online, history of values

Dynamic and history value of price DATX. Maximal value of price DATx was 0.0002779$ - 2020-12-27 11:00:11, Minimal price of DATX was 0.0001125$ value and fixed at 2020-11-05 15:00:07. Today price of DATx is : 0$

«datx is committed to creating a good unified protocol for the entire digital advertising ecosystem, establishing a complete advertising ecosystem operating mechanism, and realizing an efficient, secure, benign development, and maximizing economic benefits of the advertising ecosystem. DATX will also start the technological innovation of the basic chain of the blockchain. Aiming at the massive fragmented data, high concurrency, and real-time characteristics of the digital advertising industry, it will explore better implementation methods of the basic chain technology. It will also pioneer the technological research of poi «power of identification», leading the blockchain to upgrade the structured files of fragmented user behavior, decentralized storage and transmission. It will combine artificial intelligence technology and big data technology to build a truly user-centric blockchain decentralized data solution and establish an innovative future intelligent advertising ecological environment. In the datx ecosystem, multiple parties participate to achieve win-win situation through the infrastructure and incentive mechanism built by datx: Blockchain empowers decentralized data collection, storage and transmission-to achieve stronger data privacy and security Innovative and groundbreaking user interaction and incentive mechanism-realizing data loop and ad value chain improvement More transparent and powerful artificial intelligence algorithms-more efficient matching efficiency within the advertising ecosystem, higher input-output ratio Decentralized trading platform and token circulation mechanism relying on smart contracts-a more transparent and smooth payment system «