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Graphic of Crypterium coin price. Dynamics of costs CRPT online, history of values

Dynamic and history value of price CRPT. Maximal value of price Crypterium was 0.3191$ - 2020-12-31 20:00:10, Minimal price of CRPT was 0.1528$ value and fixed at 2020-12-06 14:00:08. Today price of Crypterium is : 0$

Crypterium is a convenient way to manage encrypted data sets combined with payment / transaction systems. It is not only (creating) a cryptocurrency wallet, but also a client (crypto loan) / developer (open platform) / enterprise ( Encrypted Access) A mature «bank» that provides professional services. Crypterium’s goal is not just to create another cryptocurrency wallet or cryptocurrency bank. The team focuses on future technologies and infrastructure, and uses contactless payment technology to create mature banking solutions. Crypterium removes the geographic and psychological boundaries between different currencies and crypto assets, making payment transfers and other transactions indistinguishable from using your own country’s currency. And through crypterium loan and borrowing solutions, interest income can be generated in a blockchain-based world. For each transaction, 0.5% of the transaction amount in the CRPT tokens will be permanently «burned». Features: Mobile crypto bank Crypterium focuses on contactless mobile payment, that is, abandoning the physical payment cards of traditional banks and using digital mobile app to make payments, which can be faster / cheaper / safer to use cryptocurrency with distributed blockchain. It is planned to be available for download in January 2018. Crypterium’s technology platform is algorithm-based, allowing the most efficient bid matching through cross-natural peer-to-peer processes and third-party crypto exchanges. Corporate crypto bank For the convenience of mobile payment functions, what is needed is a convenient collection function. For the way of receiving money for businesses or individuals, Crypterium uses a POS terminal or QR code payment solution (that is, a QR code). 3. Crypterium open platform In the future, Crypterium will also provide an open platform for other companies to build their own products using the Crypterium API. Examples of products and services that can be created and offered through the Crypterium API include: cryptocurrency wallets, cryptocurrency exchanges, online and offline payments using cryptocurrencies, loyalty programs, payments using cryptocurrencies and tokens, information retrieval, automatic periodicity Automatic notification of payments, billing, and receiving transactions.