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Graphic of CPChain coin price. Dynamics of costs CPC online, history of values

Dynamic and history value of price CPC. Maximal value of price CPChain was 0.01606$ - 2020-10-22 13:00:07, Minimal price of CPC was 0.00011$ value and fixed at 2020-12-18 11:00:11. Today price of CPChain is : 0$

The cpchain (cyber-physical chain) is a distributed infrastructure for the new generation of the Internet of Things. It is designed to combine distributed storage, data encryption calculations, and blockchain technology to reshape the basic architecture of the Internet of Things and build an Internet of Things-oriented The system’s basic data platform provides a full-process solution from data acquisition, storage, sharing, and application, solving a series of challenges in the existing IoT «chimney-like» system, reducing equipment interconnection costs, effectively protecting data privacy, and maximizing IoT data value. Reshape the basic architecture of the Internet of Things and provide a full-process solution Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) enables data to be exchanged more effectively by using wireless IoT technology, effectively reducing traffic congestion and pollution emissions, thereby achieving safety, greenness, and efficiency Travel. Based on the two aspects of data storage and computing and consensus protocols, the material chain adopts core technologies such as parallel distributed computing and storage architecture, a two-layer consensus protocol mechanism, and a lightweight side chain consensus protocol, which fully solves the problems of the IoT industry system. Issues such as scalability, real-time, and security effectively reduce the cost of device interconnection, further protect user privacy and traffic data security, and reshape market rules to maximize the value of IoT data aggregation and real-time sharing. Realize real-time data flow and promote multiple types of application scenarios. The goal of the material information chain is to establish a universal IoT data open and sharing platform to achieve real-time data flow, so it can be used for multiple types of scenarios such as data storage, sharing, and big data applications. . In terms of traffic data sharing, for small and medium-sized companies and scientific research institutions such as universities, a lot of real data can be obtained at a relatively low cost through the material data chain traffic data platform. In addition, users can authorize their own data to different agencies and service providers, which can fully protect the privacy and rights of data and avoid the monopoly of traffic data by large companies. In terms of customized value-added services, a large amount of vehicle data provided by the material chain transportation data platform can model and analyze the data of each vehicle, thereby helping insurance companies to more accurately calculate the risk of each driver, etc. , Design a more personalized custom car insurance, saving a lot of time and manpower. In terms of building real-time traffic data sharing, in contrast to the high cost of real-time data acquisition of traditional map apps, by combining sidechain data, the material chain can let vehicles know the congestion of the line in advance and understand the accidents in a timely manner. Wait. For unmanned vehicles, real-time road condition information can also be added to the driving strategy to obtain a better control scheme and make real-time adjustments. In terms of shared travel, based on the instant messaging system and lightweight consensus protocol of the material trust chain, driver and passenger information can be encrypted and protected, and authentication and matching transactions are faster and more convenient.