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Graphic of Contentos coin price. Dynamics of costs COS online, history of values

Dynamic and history value of price COS. Maximal value of price Contentos was 0.05869$ - 2021-01-19 12:00:13, Minimal price of COS was 0.01512$ value and fixed at 2020-10-21 00:00:12. Today price of Contentos is : 0$

The Contentos team hopes to use blockchain technology to allow each person to truly create, to record eternally the digital trajectory of the person, and to ensure that the creation is no longer dissipated by the closure of a website with a distributed architecture. At the same time, giving each share the value it deserves, whether it ’s sharing the child ’s growth process or the super celebrity ’s millions of views, content creators no longer need to distribute profits through the Sinochem platform channel , You can reach consumers and advertisers to create, store and distribute content without any restrictions. Smart contracts also make content copyright transactions more secure and convenient. The key to motivating people to participate in a market economy is to provide a mechanism that fairly reflects each contribution. Contentos hopes to build a decentralized global digital content environment, contribute pricing and equity returns to the construction of the content production field, so that creators, users, and state builders can be motivated. Contributions made by content consumers to the promotion, distribution, and operation of content are also rewarded based on algorithms that transform the volume of long tail users into active contributors in the state. An immutable credit system is an important basis for the content revenue distribution mechanism. It is encouraged to make positive and honest efforts in order to obtain more trust and gain more rewards. Conversely, any actions that violate community values ​​will also be punished and recorded on the chain forever. Contentos hopes to build the world’s widest digital content public chain, so that the global content value can be unified. No matter where it is, global creators are sharing the value increase brought by creation. Contentos is expected to be the Ethereum of the future public content chain. In the end, Contentos will not only be a public content chain that carries content or advertising value, but also a digital creative chain that carries each ⼈.