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Graphic of COINMEET coin price. Dynamics of costs MEET online, history of values

Dynamic and history value of price MEET. Maximal value of price COINMEET was 0.01483$ - 2021-01-07 13:00:08, Minimal price of MEET was 0.001816$ value and fixed at 2020-12-30 12:00:11. Today price of COINMEET is : 0$

CoinMeet is building a blockchain ecosystem containing digital assets, digital identities and digital social networks. CoinMeet aims to serve the «encrypted digital economy and society» in the future. Digital economy and society = digital assets + digital identity + digital society, reducing the threshold for the use of blockchain assets worldwide. CoinMeet is a wallet, an identity ID, a social tool, a transaction bond, and a value router in the digital economy era. Through CoinMeet, a series of behaviors such as payments, transfers, activities, socializing, etc. are aggregated into the application, all digital assets are connected and activated in series, and the security and privacy of user communications, assets, transactions and identities are protected in one stop. CoinMeet combines blockchain, social, biometrics, and machine learning to provide revolutionary distributed digital financial services to people around the world. Regardless of background, location or income, you can join the digital asset network. Based on CoinMeet’s products and main chain, it will be able to help some developing countries build a new generation of financial infrastructure in the future and have a far-reaching social impact on the traditional financial world. 1. Multi-asset light wallet: Through a CoinMeet wallet, you can complete the management, transfer and payment of multiple digital assets. By democratizing the online currency in the community, let CoinMeet serve more digital assets and users. 2. Digital asset distribution community: CoinMeet users can freely communicate and join groups, and influential users can create their own theme groups and build their own digital assets through red envelope transfers, rewarding digital currencies, and receiving digital currencies. Circulation and distribution channels. 3. Private chat: CoinMeet uses end-to-end encryption technology and enjoys secure encryption protection when sending information to friends. No third party can obtain chat information. At the same time, CoinMeet provides privacy assistance functions such as burning after viewing and screen capture notification. 4. Blockchain passport: CoinMeet uses artificial intelligence technology to identify fingerprints, faces, sounds and other biological characteristics, and stores them on the blockchain as a user’s label. Users do not need to provide information such as passports, driving licenses, and identity documents, and can still be implemented Authentication. Blockchain-based identity authentication will develop into a passport for the blockchain world.