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Graphic of CloakCoin coin price. Dynamics of costs CLOAK online, history of values

Dynamic and history value of price CLOAK. Maximal value of price CloakCoin was 10$ - 2020-12-24 20:00:09, Minimal price of CLOAK was 0.09726$ value and fixed at 2020-11-18 04:00:08. Today price of CloakCoin is : 0$

Cloakcoin (cloakcoin) is the fastest and most secure way to trade cryptocurrencies using blockchain technology, and it is also a new generation of Ingmar encryption technology that can truly create completely private transactions. Ingmar is a unique, advanced, private and secure transaction system established by the Cloakcoin team. It can eliminate the need to «trust» other nodes without stealing funds or leaking sensitive information, while achieving anonymous transfers of Cloakcoin. Security is the hallmark of Cloakcoin: 1.Privacy: Adopt end-to-end encryption and complete the cloak shield for separate secure communication, so that each node can avoid traffic analysis. Merging with the Ingmar system, the Cloak Shield uses the RSA symmetric encryption algorithm supported by the elliptic curve Diffie Herman key exchange protocol, using up to 25 hops to become the core to meet the privacy needs. 2. Open source: Open source is of great significance to Cloak Coin because it brings complete transparency to Cloak Coin and allows peers to make evaluations of the software. Users can have complete confidence that the software is continuously checking for small vulnerabilities, traces, malware or any other unwanted software. 3. Availability: Cloakcoin provides a highly private, decentralized and untraceable secure digital currency transaction. Cloakcoin is simple to operate, allowing anyone to securely participate in the digital currency market transaction of the day with the help of a computer or smart phone, without having to worry about voyeurism or obstruction of transactions by unrelated parties. 4. Autonomy: The sole goal of Cloak Coin is to allow its holders to enjoy financial freedom in a simple, practical, economical and substantial instant manner from the beginning. But CloakCoin does not and will never attempt to support illegal markets, activities, or actions beyond the law. Advantages of Cloak Coin: bonus and liquidity 1. Profit through proof of equity model (cumulative equity) + 6% per year Cloakcoin is a pure proof-of-stake model (PoS) cryptocurrency that can provide 6% interest per year on the basis of cumulative currency of equity. As long as the user is willing, they can also get a share of 1.8% of the network fees due to the support it provides for the Angmar transaction. Compared with mining, cloak coins are more energy efficient, and it is easy to get more cloak coins by simply putting the currency into your wallet. 2.Limited circulation 5,118,471 Cloak Coin was originally a rare digital currency. Such a limited supply can bring outstanding appreciation potential to currency holders. The increase in the supply of cloak coins is minimal. Theoretically, the increase rate is consistent with the bonus, up to 6% per year. Generally speaking, the actual increase in circulation is much lower than%, so the cloak coin will not face excessive circulation and will always be a scarce commodity.