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Graphic of Cashaa coin price. Dynamics of costs CAS online, history of values

Dynamic and history value of price CAS. Maximal value of price Cashaa was , Minimal price of CAS was . Today price of Cashaa is :

Cassha is a P2P trading platform that enables zero-rate cash transfers worldwide. All cash transfers made through Cassha are based on real-time exchange rates, and neither transaction parties, including senders and receivers, need to pay any processing fees or hidden fees. After successfully completing the testing of the trading platform, Cashaa will have more than 10,000 traders to use the trading platform for cash transfers. Cashaa has established an infrastructure on the blockchain and uses artificial intelligence to support mainstream applications of financial products. It promotes low-cost currency exchange, enables people with and without bank accounts to participate in the global economy, and leverages open architecture to develop new prospects for this community. We built Casha to allow consumers to adopt cryptocurrencies without having to rebuild or follow the ancient banking infrastructure, without having to understand the technical details of cryptography and blockchain technology, making it easy to use, secure and protected Affordable. The Cashaa team said that it is building a next-generation financial service model based on blockchain technology and artificial intelligence, which will enable devices with biometric systems to solve the problems of existing banking and non-bank financial systems.