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Graphic of Cardano coin price. Dynamics of costs ADA online, history of values

Dynamic and history value of price ADA. Maximal value of price Cardano was 0.3911$ - 2021-01-18 01:00:12, Minimal price of ADA was 0.08948$ value and fixed at 2020-10-26 08:00:05. Today price of Cardano is : 0$

Cardano Cardano is a decentralized and open blockchain, a cryptocurrency project, and completely open source. Cardano is developing a smart contract platform designed to provide more advanced features than any protocol previously developed.It is the first blockchain platform to evolve from a philosophy of science and research-led guidance. Cardano is the first blockchain project developed from the field of scientific philosophy, and the only project designed and manufactured by a global team of leading academics and engineers. Crucially, Cardano’s technology is secure, flexible, and scalable, and is available to millions of users. As a result, some leading experts have thought about the project and design decisions have been made. Scientific rigor is applied to mission-critical systems, such as aerospace technology and banking have been brought into the field of digital currencies with high security guarantees. Features and innovations of ADA 1. Adopt a layered ecosystem design to achieve high scalability. The layered blockchain ecosystem is a landmark concept for Cardano. The entire system is divided into two layers, the settlement layer and the calculation layer, to solve the problems of currency and smart contracts. 2.Explore the philosophical balance between regulation and freedom In Cardano’s design philosophy, full consideration is given to regulatory requirements, while also taking into account the privacy of users as much as possible, and trying to achieve the optimal balance between the two. For example, if necessary and voluntary, users can selectively submit information such as KYC (customer identity) and AML (flow of funds) to meet the most basic regulatory needs. The purpose of all this is to make blockchain finance more easily accepted and used by mainstream groups in society.