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Graphic of Bluzelle coin price. Dynamics of costs BLZ online, history of values

Dynamic and history value of price BLZ. Maximal value of price Bluzelle was 0.1608$ - 2021-01-20 03:00:09, Minimal price of BLZ was 0.05041$ value and fixed at 2020-11-04 15:00:11. Today price of Bluzelle is : 0$

Bluzelle is committed to creating a new token sharing economy and storage sharing ecosystem. Bluzelle allows people to share their computer storage space and earn tokens, while distributed application dAPP developers pay tokens to store their data and make the best Possibly make efficient use of this storage space (similar to Ethereum using Gas to motivate developers to write as efficient code as possible). In simple terms, Bluzelle is a basic service. For centralized applications, it is cloud storage, so that DAPP developers no longer have to worry about data storage. After all, the Ethereum network currently provides decentralized computing resources, and the Storing data on it is very expensive. So it is called Oracle in the blockchain world. Bluzelle project features: Bluzelle is a decentralized database service designed for decentralized application developers. In order to ensure the highest level of performance, reliability and scalability, Bluzelle applies cluster technology. A cluster is a group of nodes (computers) that collectively store and manage data. Some nodes in these groups may be down, and new nodes may appear with the most impact on the network. Generally speaking, Bluzelle is a Pang cluster composed of multiple clusters. Performance: Bluzelle’s unique and proprietary cluster technology is designed to achieve the highest performance of the system. Bluzelle can reduce latency by retrieving data from the nearest node in the leaf group, and increase speed by retrieving data with the fastest node in the leaf group. Reliability: To make the concept of fog algorithm or cluster algorithm, Bluzelle follows a model, that is, the data of each unit is 100% copied to the leaf group in the cluster. Therefore, although the data is only in a cluster, because the cluster has a large number of nodes and is geographically dispersed, it is protected from local interruptions caused by natural or class-related events. Scalability: The Bluzelle database is scalable from flat or vertical. Bluzelle manages strategies and considerations for each case that needs to be expanded. Flat expansion is the basis of the Bluzelle architecture. Each cluster is a flat expansion of another «unit» at the cluster layer. In each leaf group, each node becomes another agent that flatly expands on the leaf group layer.