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Graphic of Bloom coin price. Dynamics of costs BLT online, history of values

Dynamic and history value of price BLT. Maximal value of price Bloom was 0.1485$ - 2021-01-08 15:00:08, Minimal price of BLT was 0.04268$ value and fixed at 2020-11-04 00:00:10. Today price of Bloom is : 0$

Baolan is an end-to-end model system (Bloom Protocol) based entirely on the Ethereum blockchain, which is used for identity verification, risk assessment and credit scoring. Baolan can use the decentralized technology platform system to improve the personal information collection and evaluation system, so that the traditional currency and digital currency loans have been hundreds of millions of dollars without a bank account or lack of credit scores. Groups provide effective services. Baolan aims to solve the five shortcomings of today’s global credit assessment system: 1. Risk of identity theft: During the credit process, the borrower must provide all personal information. This information is susceptible to attack by customers, and once exposed, it is easy for others to misappropriate and obtain fraudulent loans by fraud. 2. Limitations of credit scoring methods across borders: Previously, credit records were not interoperable between countries. After we move to a new country, we must build a new credit history from scratch. 3. The simplicity of the credit evaluation method: Previously, most credit evaluation systems relied too much on loan repayment history, which increased the trustworthiness of those who had never had a loan. Difficulty of assessment. 4. Difficulty of credit assessment: In countries and regions with advanced financial risk control systems, loans do not have a sound database of identity verification and credit scoring, making it difficult for borrowers to obtain loans. 5. Lack of competition in the credit scoring system: Previous credit evaluation data has been moderated. In some countries and regions, a single or a small number of agencies are responsible for providing credit assessments, making the credit risk assessment system uncompetitive.