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Graphic of Aeternity coin price. Dynamics of costs AE online, history of values

Dynamic and history value of price AE. Maximal value of price Aeternity was 0.2273$ - 2020-12-05 17:00:08, Minimal price of AE was 0.07087$ value and fixed at 2020-12-31 13:00:10. Today price of Aeternity is : 0$

Aeternity is a decentralized application platform. It can be extended through official channels running on smart contracts. It brings a new language that supports formal verification, while allowing developers to write simpler and more secure code. The VM only accommodates compiled contracts. Aeternity uses an ASIC-resistant, memory-limited proof-of-work mechanism with a block time of less than 15 seconds. It is characterized by an integrated naming system, which can be requested and entered into the database through different data vendors. Most importantly, all the components are the essential characteristics of the Aeternity system. They are not beyond the top layer on a blockchain (like Lighting, Raiden, and Oraclize), but they are part of the core protocol. This ensures unparalleled efficiency and significantly reduces the cost of running smart contracts and makes transactions very fast. Aeternity’s goal is to develop into a dynamic distributed mainnet that can run on a variety of devices. To this end, it will support three types of smart contracts: 1. Sophia, a new, more secure contract language. Sophia is a typed functional programming language, a dialect of ML, similar to Reason. It is compiled into æternity’s advanced virtual machine, called FTWVM (Functional Virtual Machine). Sofia’s main use will be system-level programming, or in other words-more complex applications. 2.The high-level smart contract language is called Varna, which is similar to Bitcoin’s scripting language, but without recurring and fixed fuel costs. It uses its own virtual machine-HLM (Advanced Machine) and its code is directly evaluated by the node software. Varna is designed to cover fast daily contracts. 3. Rely on EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) improved version of Solidity smart contract. The goal here is to allow easy and secure porting of Ethereum contracts to æternity.